Recent Lending and Transactional Information: In Q4 of 2018, HFH acquired Emerald Gardens for $13.1M via James Wellbaum and Matt Crawford of Triwell Properties in a 1031 exchange and installed a low-leverage 42% LTV loan with JP Morgan Chase. In June of 2018, HFH acquired Patio Gardens for $50.8M via Robert Stepp of Stepp Commercial in a 1031 exchange and assumed in-place JP Morgan Chase financing at only 45% LTV. Also, in 2018, Downey Court, Keswick Court, and Florentine Apartments were re-financed through Northmarq (Freddie Mac), First Republic Bank, and Prudential Group Investment Management (Fannie Mae), respectively. In the spring of 2017, HFH acquired Westwood Garden Apartments for $7.135M via Chris Houge and Tyler Thurlow of L.A. Realty Partners, financed by First Republic Bank. In the spring of 2014, HFH acquired Keswick Court Apartments for $14.9M via Matt Ziegler at M&M in a 1031 tax deferred exchange and also assumed a Freddie Mac conduit loan serviced by Wells Fargo. In the summer of 2011, HFH acquired Florentine Apartments in Downey via Matt Ziegler at M&M in an off-market transaction for $10.45M and shortly afterwards HFH acquired Downey Court Apartments, also in Downey, via Julie Califano of Coldwell Banker for $11M. Both of these transactions were also 1031 exchanges and HFH assumed in-place Fannie Mae financing on Florentine Apartments serviced by Prudential Real Estate Finance and originated Freddie Mac debt on Downey Court Apartments via Northmarq Capital. HFH also re-financed $14M on two commercial properties with Wells Fargo at the end of 2012 via first trust deeds coupled with swap agreements and re-financed $15.5M on a commercial property via a conduit loan with Wells Fargo in 2011. Along with GSE service providers Prudential and Northmarq, HFH has existing and long-standing lending relations with First Republic Bank, Manufacturers Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. HFH has worked with many large, respected broker firms, such as CBRE for sale of Wood Barn, Palmer Capital for disposition of Jelly Bean and Thoroughbred, Moran & Co. for Central Station sale, and Faris Lee for sale of Westchester Place I.

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