Andrew Getz


Mr. Getz attended Oberlin College in Ohio and became a building contractor in 1979.  Beginning in 1985, Mr. Getz supervised HFH’s acquisitions, development and operations in Emeryville and also served as Chair of the Emeryville Planning Commission from 1988 until 1994 and intermittently thereafter until 2000 during a period of robust growth, approving more than three million square feet of office, retail and other commercial development in this 1.2 sq.mile City.  Mr. Getz chaired the business/government committees which re-wrote Emeryville's zoning laws and general plan to accommodate dense development.  Mr. Getz was HFH's general contractor for the conversion of its Emeryville industrial buildings into office  centers  leased  to  tenants  such  as  Chiron,  Novartis , Pixar  and Adobe Systems. Mr. Getz was made an HFH, Ltd. general partner in 2004.

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